Minnesota nurses give ten day strike notice

Photo by: Minnesota Nurses Association - Facebook
Photo by: Minnesota Nurses Association - Facebook

(Minneapolis, MN) -- Nearly 15 thousand nurses in the Twin Cities and Duluth are ready to go on strike.

The Minnesota Nurses Association Thursday said nurses will walk off the job on September 13th. The strike will last for three days.

Union leaders say 16 hospitals across the state will be impacted. The nurses want a four percent raise, and want hospitals to hire more nurses.

The union released this following statement as the strike looms:

“It is clear that hospital executives are feeling the power of 15,000 nurses fighting for our patients and our profession. We will not be intimidated by their attempts to silence or scare us, and we intend to proceed with a strike to win fair contracts to put patients before profits.

Hospital executives have already driven nurses away from the bedside by their refusal to solve the crises of staffing and retention in our hospitals, and we hope they will not be so brash as to fire nurses for standing up to demand better.

If hospital executives want to avoid a strike on September 12, they should spend less time and money on lawyers and more time working with nurses to settle fair contracts to improve patient care and working conditions in our hospitals.”

The union says it will be the largest nurses strike in the country's history.