North Dakota District 44 Representative Karla Rose Hanson says state childcare centers are at "Crisis point"

Courtesy: Karla Rose Hanson
Courtesy: Karla Rose Hanson

(Fargo, ND) -- A Distract 44 Representative is running to maintain her seat in the upcoming General Election. 

Karla Rose Hanson is a current North Dakota District 44 Representative, who is running again due to a district restructuring following the 2020 census. Hanson says she will continue to prioritize all stages of education, work to improve childcare statewide, and propose healthcare legislation. 

"The lack of childcare and affordability of childcare is really at a crisis point in North Dakota, "said Hanson, "What I hear nearly every day is that the waiting lists are huge for families and the amount people pay is really significant. It can often be more than their mortgage."

Hanson also is looking to encourage transparency from lawmakers in Bismarck, by beefing up legislation that would require legislators to disclose where they receive funding. She says the proposed legislation would give voters more information about possible conflicts of interest that lawmakers could have when they vote in Bismarck. 

"We want voters in North Dakota to know who is spending money to try to influence the elections or the legislation that shapes their lives," said Hanson.

Karla Rose Hanson is re-running to stay as a current North Dakota District 44 Representative in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in North Dakota by clicking here

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Tuesday, October 11, 2022