Minnesota State 4B Candidate John Hest: "Tax relief would be at the top of my ticket"

Courtesy: John Hest
Courtesy: John Hest

(St Paul, MN) -- A M State Moorhead academic advisor is throwing his hat into the ring to become a State House Representative in the upcoming November General Election.

John Hest is looking to earn your vote to become the District 4B House Representative this November. He is looking to prioritize lowering tax relief to combat inflation, reinvest state dollars into public education, and find ways to give back the $9 billion dollar surplus to the people of Minnesota.

"A lot of my experience is advocacy," said Hest, "I've been very active in the Minnesota Farmers Union...I'm a member of Minnesota Associate of Professional Employees, MAPE for short, our local 1502 here. I've done a lot of advocacy for them too.

Hest advocates for increased funding of school statewide through the state's $9 billion dollar surplus. The candidate says this will allow local communities and school boards to lower property taxes, lower the tax burden on individuals, and improve public education.

"Property taxes...especially for rural communities, are a huge burden. Largely where that comes from is the state's failed to fund our education system, "said Hest, "What happens is - these communities don't just give up on the schools, they don't just close the schools or anything like that. Instead they raise money locally."

Hest says the top item on his ticket is tax relief, but other issues he wants to address include finding ways to provide state-funded health insurance to small businesses and farms. He says this option fills a void many businesses have across the state, who often go without health insurance.

"I do think that the state could very easily offer an affordable public-option for Minnesota care that would help those small businesses, those farmers, have health coverage," said Hest, "That is a huge expense for small businesses of all sorts.

Hest is running to become Minnesota's District 4B House Representative in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in Minnesota by clicking here

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Wednesday, October 26, 2022