Minnesota Attorney General Candidate Jim Schultz: "We are going to win because people are fed up with the status quo"

Courtesy: Jim Schultz
Courtesy: Jim Schultz

(St. Paul, MN) -- A Minnesota Attorney is vowing "to prosecute crime again" if elected to a chief position this November.

Jim Schultz, a Minnesota Attorney General Candidate, joined WDAY Midday to share his vision for the office. Schultz, who would be the first Republican to hold the office in 56 years if elected, says he is looking to crack down on violent crime and prosecute fraud cases throughout the state.

"We're on track to make history, "said Schultz, referring to recent poll numbers showing him and incumbent Keith Ellison have nearly identical approval ratings, "We are on track to win, and we are going to win because people are fed up with the status quo."

Schultz points to rising crime as the pillar of his campaign, citing the Minneapolis riots, what he calls "reckless" defund the police rhetoric coming from the Current Attorney general, and putting violent criminal offenders behind bars for a long time. He also cites recent fraud cases, including the daycare and Feeding our Future incidents, as reasons to vote against Ellison.

"This office has been distracted by lots of far-left causes rather than kinda dealing with the basics of doing justice every day," said Schultz, "We are delivering a message that resonates with everyone. Everybody wants their families to be safe. Everyone wants to ensure that there is justice for victims. And I think a lot of people feel like we have an A.G's office right now that has taken it's eyes off the ball."

Jim Schultz is running to become Minnesota's Attorney General in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in Minnesota by clicking here

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Friday, October 28, 2022