North Dakota Legislature: Bills introduced involving indoor smoking, co2 pipeline, definition of milk

Photo by: North Dakota Legislative Branch
Photo by: North Dakota Legislative Branch

(Bismarck, ND) -- Monday marks the last day the the State Senate can introduce bills during the 68th legislative session in Bismarck, and a few more are making their way onto the floor.

Two bills related to a proposed CO2 pipeline are being considered in the state Senate. Senator Jeff Magrum introduced both bills, which focus on the use of eminent domain.

One of the bills would allow eminent domain to be used to put in a pipeline as long as 85-percent of land owners approve the move. The proposed pipeline would cross Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and North Dakota, where the CO2 would be released under the Bakken.

Hearings for both bills are scheduled for Friday, January 27th.

In the meantime, lawmakers are considering a bill that would change laws regarding indoor smoking.

The Senate bill would allow cigars to be smoked indoors at cigar lounges and bars. The indoor spaces would have to be enclosed and have proper ventilation.

Supporters say there is a demand for the niche market, while opponents say there is no safe secondhand smoke and that air filtration systems are ineffective at eliminating smoke.

And lawmakers are considering legislation that would change the legal definition of milk.

The new definition would include "the lacteal secretions" of healthy, four-legged, hooved mammals, including cattle, goats, yaks, and other similar animals. Representative Dawson Holle says his bill would help to grow North Dakota's dairy industry.

Holle has also introduced a bill that would allow North Dakota dairy farmers to sell raw milk directly to customers.