Cass County Commissioner Tony Grindberg speaks on legislative issues likely to impact the region

Courtesy: Tony Grindberg
Courtesy: Tony Grindberg

(Cass County, ND) -- A Cass County Commissioner is speaking on multiple issues that could directly affect Fargo residents. 

Tony Grindberg, Cass County's  District 2 Commissioner, spoke on proposed bills that would impact The City of Fargo and the county at large on WDAY Radio's Tuesday's with Tony. The County Commissioner says several bills being discussed at the state capitol could have implications within Fargo impacting how voting is done, if property or income taxes could see reductions, and if guns could be sold in private homes between sellers.

One of the biggest discussions Commissioner Grindberg is hearing at the legislative session hits people's wallets directly. He says the discussion of reducing taxes seems to be largely in agreement, but the way to deliver the relief to residents is where opinions begin range between property or income. The commissioner says he finds both of them appealing for different reasons.

"Income tax is pretty low in North Dakota... I hear time and time again the biggest concern is property tax, "said Commissioner Grindberg, "That is the fundamental debate that I hear in the hallways. A pretty loud, consistent 'property tax, property tax, property tax', and then you've got champions in the house who've been long standing saying 'income tax income tax' and then Governor Burgum comes out with his recommendations. So it creates this debate."

At least 18 bills have been introduced in the legislature talking about property tax. Governor Burgum has proposed to remove income tax across North Dakota for a vast majority of residents, with the remaining residents looking to pay a flat tax.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2023