North Dakota State Representative Jim Kasper: possibility exists that "I did doze off for a few minutes"

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Representative Jim Kasper is responding after reports of photos circulated on social media showing Kasper sleeping in his chair during a committee meeting. 

"We've had two photographers review the photo. It was photo shopped, but apparently I did doze off during that committee hearing. I think there is a video of the committee. I've been dealing with some sleep issues. I fell flat on my back and injured my sciatic nerve," said Kasper.

Kasper says he's had difficulty sleeping for the past two-and-a-half months and has had a "number of doctor's appointments trying to deal with it".  

The representative says the possibility exists that he did "doze off for a few minutes". 

Kasper made the comments while appearing on "What's on Your Mind" on AM 1100 The Flag.