Federal judge blocks implementation of Biden administration's "Waters of the United States" rule

(Fargo, ND) -- A federal judge in North Dakota Wednesday temporarily blocked implementation of a Biden administration rule establishing protections for seasonal streams and wetlands in 24 states.

U.S. District Court Judge Daniel Hovland granted the states' request for a preliminary injunction prohibiting enforcement of the Environmental Protection Agency's Waters of the United States rule.

Hovland found the states would "expend unrecoverable resources complying with a rule unlikely to withstand judicial scrutiny."

Senators John Hoven and Kevin Cramer both welcomed the judge's ruling. 

“This injunction is a welcome relief from the ever-growing, burdensome regulations being pushed by the Biden administration,” said Hoeven. “This expanded WOTUS rule would impose higher costs on critical industries, including agriculture, energy and construction, leading to greater inflation throughout our economy. That’s the last thing our nation needs. 

“Beginning with President Obama, and furthered by President Biden, it is the environmentalist’s dream to regulate our water to the raindrop. Once again North Dakota is among the leaders in the fight to remind them such actions are illegal. Thanks to Attorney General Wrigley, our state is spared from federal mediocrity,” said Cramer.