Purchase of Snowbulance will Help Sheriff and Medics Reach Injured in Remote Sites Throughout Lakes Area

Snowbulance via Equinox Industries
Snowbulance via Equinox Industries

DETROIT LAKES (WDAY) - The Becker County Sheriff's Office will soon have a new way to transport the injured from remote areas of the Lakes Area.

The Sheriff's Office announced, Tuesday that they've been awarded a grant to purchase an off road ambulance known as a Snowbulance Deluxe from the TEAMS FOUNDATION.

The remote rescue unit is fully enclosed with a heater, warning lights and is towed by a snowmobile or UTV allowing the Sheriff's Department and medics to access people in remote areas of trails or in the woods.

"Medical personnel can provide efficient care to the injured party out of the elements while the cushioned hitch provides a high level of safety and comfort for the patient riding away from the scene. The ATV conversion kit makes this rescue sled available year round," said the Sheriff's Office.

Depending on the accessories, Snowbulances range from $7,000 - $10,000 each.