Former State Representative Rick Becker in push once again to eliminate North Dakota property tax

Image by Rick Becker
Image by Rick Becker

(Fargo, ND) -- Former North Dakota State Representative Rick Becker is commenting on the new effort aimed at eliminating property tax in the state.

"I think people, certainly legislators are very well aware that the number one concern of North Dakotans is and has been for several years property tax. The legislature has tried to give some property tax relief. Unfortunately it hasn't worked. We've seen property taxes increase," said Becker, while appearing on WDAY Mid Day.   

Becker is leading a group pushing for a constitutional initiative, that would allow voters to decide in 2024 whether to abolish property tax. 

Becker says the state's property taxes are "one of the highest in the entire nation". 

He expects the initiative request will be approved by the secretary of state next week, clearing the way for signature collection.