Minnesota to receive settlement dollars after national healthcare data breach

(St. Paul, MN) — Minnesota is receiving just over $90,000 from a data-breach settlement with a healthcare company.

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says Inmediata settled with 32 states for $1.4 million-dollars, after personal data of 1.5 million Americans was exposed for almost three years. Court documents claim Inmediata did not notify customers in a timely manner and via simple online searches, with anyone with an internet acces being able to download the data in the time period.

“Companies that hold sensitive information must take the utmost care to keep it secure. If a breach does occur, it is their duty under law to alert those affected and rectify the issue as soon as possible,” said Attorney General Keith Ellison. “Inmediata both failed to protect sensitive data and failed to promptly and accurately notify consumers of the breach. As a result, they exposed 113,000 Minnesotans to the risks of identity theft. I will hold companies accountable whenever they mishandle sensitive consumer data.”

As part of the settlement, Minnesota will receive $93-thousand, and Inmediata will overhaul its data protection practices and systems. 

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