Drug Enforcement Agency says Minnesota seized record number of fentanyl pills in 2023

Courtesy: Moorhead Police Department
Courtesy: Moorhead Police Department

(St. Paul, MN) -- The Drug Enforcement Agency says fentanyl seizures in Minnesota increased substantially last year.  

The DEA's Omaha office says 417,000 fentanyl pills were seized last year, compared to 183,000 seized in 2022.  It was the largest increase in seizures for any of the states in the Omaha region. 

“Fentanyl is the deadliest drug threat our country has ever faced,” DEA Omaha Division Special Agent in Charge Steven T. Bell said. “The DEA Omaha Division covers a vast expanse of land containing urban, suburban and rural communities. Sadly, none of these communities are exempt from the tragic consequences that can come from experimenting with or using fentanyl. This drug is potentially lethal in such a small amount, that it can fit on the tip of a pencil. We’re seeing it in both pill and powder form all across our Division.”

The DEA says meth seizures in Minnesota dropped last year, while cocaine seizures went from 69 pounds in 2022 to 345 pounds last year.