Rep. Kasper supports ballot measure to end property taxes across North Dakota

Courtesy: Jim Kasper
Courtesy: Jim Kasper

(Fargo, ND) -- More prominent North Dakota lawmakers are publicly announcing their support of a bill that would end property taxes across the state. 

Jim Kasper (R-D46) made the comments on the Steve Hallstrom Show. Kasper said the state has enough money to give back to the residents, and one way to do so it to pay for upwards of a billion dollars per year to replace property tax dollars. 

"We've had so much money, and when you have money you spend it. That's one of the reasons why I am supporting the property tax repeal." said Kasper to Steve Hallstrom on Friday. 

Despite the burgeoning support support from more and more lawmakers, there is still opposition from prominent groups across the state. One of those groups is North Dakota United, the state teacher's union, who said in an October statement "Let’s consider the consequences if enough North Dakotans fall for this pitch, sign the petitions, see it on the 2024 ballot, and vote to pass it. In that (dreadful) scenario, every county, city, school, park, ambulance and fire district will need to go groveling to the Legislature to beg for money for local needs. Keep in mind, they’d only be given the opportunity to do so every two years, regardless of the immediacy of the need."

You can look at the proposal championed by Former ND Representative and candidate for U.S. House Rick Becker by clicking here

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Saturday, February 10, 2024