Burgum touts North Dakota's greatest resource: its people

(Fargo, ND) – North Dakota makes an impact on the United States.

“The greatest resource that we’ve always had has been our people,” Governor Doug Burgum told attendees of the opening day of the North Dakota Republican Party Convention at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex in Fargo. “It’s been a combination of innovation and hard work that’s unleashed those natural resources.”

Burgum touted the risk-taking entrepreneurs as the main reason North Dakota has been able to “prosper and attain what we now have.”

He said the state of North Dakota is home to the highest GDP per capita of any Republican-led state in the nation.

“But North Dakota is also a place where neighbors still help neighbors,” Burgum said. “You’ve all seen it. I’ve had a chance to live it.”

Burgum also touched on North Dakota’s support for law enforcement.

“We thank them for their service versus try to defund them,” he said.