11-07-22 Prime Time Sports Hour 2

7:06 - 7:20 - High school football breakdown

North Dakota state tournament Dakota Bowl preview (11AA, 11A, 11B, 9B)

Moorhead vs Elk River AAAAA State Quarterfinals Sat 11/12 at 1 in Maple Grove

D-G-F vs Esko AAA State Quarterfinals Sat 11/12 at 1p.m. in Brainerd


7:23 - 7:34 - College basketball rundown

NDSU MBB at Arkansas NDSU WBB at Montana


7:38 - 7:50 - Minnesota Twins offseason officially begins

Carlos Correa opted out of deal becoming an unrestricted free agent

Picked up Sonny Gray’s $12.7 million option

Declined P Dylan Bundy and Chris Archer’s options along with 1B Miguel Sanó’s


MLB’s first ever draft lottery?!


7:52 - 7:59:50 - Show roundup

Minnesota Timberwolves vs New York Knicks preview

Original Air Date: 
Monday, November 7, 2022