1-19-23 Bonnie & Friends Hour 3

Guest this segment are:

00:08 - Lake Agassiz Habitat for Humanity Resource Development and Marketing Manager Pete Christopher talks with Bonnie and Friends about their 72nd dedicated home, and explains the steps needed into getting a home from Lake Agassiz. If you or someone you know in need would like to apply for for housing through Habitat for Humanity you can apply using this link.  If you would like to donate you to Habitat for Humanity you can do so with think link here.

11:57 - Ag Director Bridgette Readel reports on horse DNA being used to diagnose Lyme disease, how to keep an eye on your pets weight to keep them healthy, and tip to keep lambs healthy during this upcoming lambing season. 

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Original Air Date: 
Thursday, January 19, 2023