6-26-21 Flag Sports Saturday Hour 1

9:06 - 9:20 - Top Stories we’re following... Show Preview...    Tom Hoge Amy Olson  MSUM Dragons           ESPN            Bison Sports         Gopher Sports    MN Twins


9:22 - 9:30 – NHL playoffs Montreal Canadiens beat Vegas Golden Knights series 4-2, New York Islanders vs Tampa Bay Lightning series tied 3-3


9:34 - 9:47 – Monday morning the Supreme Court ruled against the NCAA in The Alston Case, The decision allows schools to provide their student athletes with unlimited compensation as long as it is in some way connected to their education. 


9:50 - 9:58:50 – AO1 @AO1Foundation Celebrity Charity Softball Game, Jaguars @Jaguars TE Ben Ellefson


Original Air Date: 
Saturday, June 26, 2021