Dangerous cold wind chills....prolonged stretch of cold weather....not much snow to worry about.

Winter has arrived!!!  It took awhile didn't it?  The polar vortex is on the move which is never a good thing for our area.  Dangerously cold wind chills will grip the area this weekend and the cold will last through mid month.  Why?  Stratospheric warming and the polar vortex shifting south is why.....check out our FB page for a great explanation.

With the cold air gripping the valley, this pushes the main storm track to our south with just minor clipper systems riding through our area.  ALL of our long term computer models keep this cold around through the entire month. With that being said, it will moderate from time to time but overall, it looks cold all month long.  I think as we head into March and April, that is when the storm track will shift north and give us a few shots at bigger snow events.  Just keep in mind that spring is less than 2 months away and spring training starts soon....that should warm you up a bit.

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki