73% of USA is covered in snow....warming next week....some snow chances...3 degree guarantee

73% of the USA is covered in snow....check out that map with snow all the way down to the Gulf Coast.  We haven't had this much snow pack since 2003!!  Snow cover acts as a refrigerant and keeps temps cooler.  Now, a lot of that snow in TX will be melting this weekend as temps warm but many people will remember this Arctic outbreak and southern snow for some time.  As the arctic air retreats north temps will return to normal to above normal for much of the lower 48.  That means our temps will warm into the 20's and 30's this weekend!!   We will stick with above normal temps through the end of the month with 20s and some 30s being common.  We will also see a few chances for snow but no big storms in sight.  March is still looking cooler than normal (but that still means 20s and some 30s) with a snowier month as well.  Let's ENJOY the warmer weather this weekend!!  Don't forget to register for my 3 degree guarantee.  If I'm off on the daily high by more than 3 degrees, you can win!!!

Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki