Cooler than normal....much needed rainfall to our west....return to warmer weather mid month.

Here is a snapshot of rainfall "potential" over the next 10 days!  This is GREAT news for areas to our west which need the rain the most.  In the short term, sunshine returns today but temps remaining below normal  in the 50s.  A quick moving system will bring a shot of showers to the area tomorrow morning with most of the activity to the sw of F/M.  Sunshine returns for Thu/Fri with temps in the lower 60s.  Mother's day weekend looks like a toss up.  A few models are bringing in clouds and a few showers....a few others are giving us sunshine.  My bet is somewhere inbetween with showers on Sat. and cooler and drier for Mother's day.  Next week will start off with some sun then a few chances for rain...mainly to the west and south of F/M.   


Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki