Cooler than normal temps and the LRC

A few light showers this AM mainly to the west and south of F/M area.  As we head toward the Mother's day weekend, it looks like most of the rain should be out to our west.  Temps should remain in the upper 50s to lower 60s with a cloud sun mix.   I want you to look at the temperature graph posted here.  This forecast was made using the LRC a very accurate forecasting technique.  The forecast was generated in mid March and look at the accuracy.  It shows a peak of temps in early May, then a dip into mid month then a rise to above normal temps for most of June with only a few dips below normal in June.  I find this remarkably accurate as we saw our temps spike the first few days in May, now we are below normal and watch temps climb back above normal after mid month.  It does appear precip will become a bit more widespread toward mid month.


Chief Meteorologist

Dean Wysocki