WE Fest forecast, some storms, above normal temps continue

The drought continues for the entire area.  We finished July as the 11th driest on record with just over .60:  that is AMAZING!!  Our warmer than normal summer continues into this month and I don't see this pattern changing much.  I do see a few more chances of rainfall over the next 10 days.  I've attached 3 different long range models for rainfall over the next 10 days.  Notice how the European model dumps over 1" of rain over our area over the next 10 days while the other 2 models only paint a mere .25" on average.   Now, the European has been the more accurate model most of the summer but i'm not buying it this time around.  I AM seeing a slightly more active pattern but nothing to get too excited about.  Temps will remain in the mid to upper 80s over the next 10 days too.  We Fest festivities look pretty good.  There are a few chances for storms during the event.   1st round comes in Wed. night into Thursday AM.  It looks dry then from Thursday through Friday but more storms Fri. night into Saturday.   Enjoy the summer warmth, fall isn't too far away.


Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki