A Rollercoaster Of A Week... Where Is The Snow!?

A rollercoaster of a week temperatures wise is in the forecast for the next week as we bounce from Unseasonably warm to chilly, then warm again for the weekend. Outside of a couple of slight chances for snow, there are no significant storms systems insight or arctic blasts as of now. But we are keeping an eye on the first half of December for the potential for two storms systems as predicted by the LRC. Regarding the LRC, we still do not know the timing of these potential systems or the length of the cycle we are in, as the recurring cycle has not yet reset, which means that we are still in the first cycle of the LRC, day 48. Once this LRC cycle resets or cycles back through, we will have a much better understanding of what the winter will look like and a much better idea and timing of these potential storm systems. If you are new to the LRC, check out our winter weather outlook in the hotlinks or under the weather tab below the 7-day forecast in the article section (the link will be provided below). We also have a few great articles on the LRC, search LRC on our page, and a few short articles will pop up.

In short, the LRC or the Lezak Recurring Cycle is a mid-level atmospheric pattern that sets up every early October. This pattern lasts on average 30-60 days in length then recycles through the winter, spring, and summer before a new cycles forms. So basically, what happens in cycle one will theoretically occur again in cycle 2, or a slight variation of cycle 1.

So far, above average temperatures is what we have had this fall, with only a few days falling below average, and that trend looks to continue through this week. For reference, we should be around the mid 30's for highs and mid-teens for lows. 


We will see a brief shot of warm air flood into the valley Tuesday as high temperatures reach the upper 40's to low 50's. With the warm air will come a slight breeze, winds will be from the south between 10-20 mph, gusting to 25. Tuesday night remains breezy with clouds increasing and a low near 22. Things cool down for Wednesday, and it will be windy with winds switching to the northwest 15-25 mph gusting to 35-40 mph. It will be mostly cloudy to partly sunny Wednesday with a slight chance for a light dusting of snow, a high near 31. The sun pops back out for Thanksgiving Day, but it will be chilly. Temperatures will be in the upper teens warming to a high near 23 in the evening hours. Winds don't look too bad, southeast between 5-15 mph creating windchills in the teens.

The weekend will warm back up with temperatures climb back into the 30's to mid 40's. There is a slight chance for a snow/rain mix on Saturday. 

Are you traveling for the holiday?

Everything looks fine traveling-wise, minus a slight chance for a little light snow dusting and wind on Wednesday. However, if you are heading out to the east coast or northeast US, you may start to run into some traveling impacts come Thursday into Friday with wind, rain, and even some snow. Attached below is a map of expected snowfall through Saturday morning, 11/27/21.

Suppose you are traveling out of town or state for the holidays.

On your way home, there is another slight chance for some snow/rain mix to come Saturday in the red river valley, which may cause some slick conditions depending on the time of day. This is not set in stone and will most certainly change as we head through the week so keep it right here for the latest weather information.


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