Winter Weather Advisory, Blowing Snow & Reduced Visibility

A winter weather advisory has been issued across the Red River Valley from 8:00 PM this evening until noon Thursday. As a cold front pushed across North Dakota into this evening, strong winds will turn from the west, then NW into tonight between 15-30 mph with gusts as high as 45 mph. Add in a few scattered snow showers tonight with the fluffy snow recently accumulated on the ground. Blizzard-like conditions will be possible from time to time with drastically reduced visibility, especially in the open country. Expect blowing snow through tonight with drifting snow over roads, producing slippery and icy roads. As temperatures fall into the lower teens tonight, wind chills will dip towards -20.

Breezy conditions stretch into Thursday with northerly winds between 15-30 mph, producing some blowing snow. Temperatures will fall through the afternoon after a morning high in the low to mid teens. Wind chills will be between -10 and -20 in the afternoon and near -30 overnight as winds lighten up. Temperatures will stay in the teens for Friday before rising into the mid and upper 20's for Saturday!



Justin Storm