August Weather Summary 2022: Near Average Temperatures, Below To Near Average Rainfall

While some saw above average rainfall for the month of August, many fell short as several systems passed north and south of North Dakota and favored more into Minnesota. Portions of northeastern North Dakota, and most of Minnesota saw the higher amounts of rainfall with locations seeing over 150% average rainfall. Fargo's NDAWN Weather station reported 2.66" of rainfall, slightly above average, while the Airport had .16" below average. Just to the east across the river amounts over 4" were reported! See Imagines 5, 6, and 7 for reported rainfall, departure from average, and percentage of average below.

Temperature wise many areas fell pretty close to average temperatures within a degree or two. Over the month of August, Fargo's average daily high temperature was 80 degrees and the maximum temperature was 94. Average low temperatures were pretty close to average as well. Below, images 1,2,3, and 4 show the average, average maximum and average minimum temperatures across the area as reported by NDAWN.