25+" of snow? Reality or Delusional??

One rule we use is NEVER post snowfall expectations for a storm UNTIL about 1 to 2 days prior.  So, why am I posting these snowfall total maps.  It's to show how models often OVER FORECAST snow over a week in advance.    I've posted our American model forecast for the middle of next week.   The FIRST pic is a snapshot of last EVENINGS model run (Monday night's run) and the second pic is from this morning's model run (Tuesday morning)  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.   Last night's model run has Fargo getting over 2 FEET!!  This morning's model run has SD getting buried with over 12+.   So which model run is correct?  NEITHER!!   The truth lies probably somewhere in the "middle"    You see many "social media" sites posting the "worst case" scenario and scaring people into thinking snowmagedden is going to hit!!


So....stay tuned.....the LRC had this storm pegged last November!!   The Northern Plains will get hit pretty hard next week with a storm, the question is WHERE does the heaviest snow lie?  This will become clearer by this upcoming weekend.   Note: this same "stormy" cycle of the LRC will be back in 50 days so mark your calendars for early April.   Hopefully we will be on the warm side of things by then with RAIN.   

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Chief Meteorologist,

Dean Wysocki