Near Severe Thunderstorm Wind Gusts Expected Today

Wind Advisories have been issued until 7:00 pm for the Southern Valley of the Red River and Lakes Country in portions of Western Minnesota. As a vigorous weather system pulls into the area it brings much-needed widespread rains to the region to where everyone should at least get a quarter of an inch with many falling in that half-inch to an inch of liquid, some areas will see higher than an inch and a half. But beyond the rain, it will be excessively windy today, especially at times! The wind today will be sustained near 30 mph generally between 20-40 mph but gusts are expected up to 55 mph, some models indicate potential for wind gusts to 65+ mph, this may be localized, more into areas of Western Minnesota. For reference, the criteria for a severe thunderstorm warning due to wind is wind gusts to and above 59 mph.

Justin Storm


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