Multiple Rain Chances Over The Next 10 Days

After a very dry winter, it was nice to get a decent amount of rain in April and now May. With more rain in the forecast over the next 10 days with several daily chances, is more rain a good thing or a bad thing?
Well, it depends on who you ask. We are in a unique place in time where farmers are trying to put seed in the ground and some farmers are waiting for more rain to fall on seed and seedlings already in the ground. Those that are still planting are not the most fond of the rain in the forecast as the fields have likely in many locations been too wet to get equipment through the fields. The past few days have been very beneficial for drying soils out to support the weight of the tractors. Many have used these past few days to run around the clock, day and night to get their crops in the ground before more rains likely make fields too wet again to run some tractors through it. Those that already have seed in the ground or even crops that have already emerged say bring on the rain, to a point of course. A little extra water will also help the yards out and plants.

Most of the area is caught up on rainfall to date however some locations still want to add to the subsoil moisture. Here is the percent of precipitation from April 1 to May 14, 2024

More rain is expected through the valley and the surrounding area today, Wednesday with daily chances and likely chances for rain and thunderstorms Thursday through Monday with a couple chances for showers next week.

Here is what has reported to fallen over the past two days up to 1:00 pm Wednesday

Here is the NWS Blend Of Models, model model-estimated precipitation over the next seven days. 

Now even though there are rain chances over the next five days, it does not mean it is going to rain all day, but there will be showers in the area over the next 5 days. More of the area looks to get .5 - 1.5 inches of rain over the next 7 days (subject to change based on thunderstorms and heavier rain locations.)

Justin Storm