Clay County Jail looking to hire several workers

Photo by: Clay County Jail
Photo by: Clay County Jail

(Moorhead, MN) -- It's not just the Cass County Jail that's looking to bring in new employees, as well as keep their own.

Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting tells WDAY Radio's Bonnie and Friends that the Jail on the east side of the Red River has been looking feverishly for the past roughly ten months or so for more staff.

"In some of our exit interviews, we noticed the main points of contention were pay and obviously working nights, weekends and holiday," said Sheriff Empting. "Also, the ability to move up the chain of employment wasn't really there, since there were essentially only three positions in the jail."

So, what changes have been made? Well, for starters, pay has been bumped up to a starting salary of $22.42 an hour, with rolling increases in pay across the first few months to years of employment. While the times and placement of shifts are fairly non-negotiable, Sheriff Empting did say though that the added position of 'Corporal' to the jail does allow some advancement for current staff, with hopes not to lose them while adding in more workers in the process.

To apply for a job with the Clay County jail, the minimum requirements include being 18 or older, having a High School Diploma or GED and passing a background check. You can find out more info on how to apply by clicking here.