ND Term Limit Chairman: "The process hasn't been consistent" in signature verification for ballot measure

Courtesy: Jarred Hendrix Twitter Page
Courtesy: Jarred Hendrix Twitter Page

(Bismarck, ND) -- A group of North Dakotans looking to add term limits to North Dakota legislators is suing the state, accusing the secretary of state of using a different standard for accepting signatures intended for a ballot measure that would be voted on this November. 

North Dakota's District 38 Representative and North Dakota for Term Limits Chairman Jarred Hendrix joined WDAY Radio to speak more about the lawsuit filed to bring term limits to the state. Hendrix asserts there are "glaring problems" with the logic used by Secretary of State Al Jager regarding which signatures were turned away.

"I don't think the process has been very consistent, "Said Hendrix to WDAY Radio, "We saw certain signatures that they would disqualify, for example, a lack of a directional, and in the next page they would not disqualify another signature, which means you are applying one standard to one elector and a different standard to another. That is a violation of the constitution, because all voters have the same equal rights."

Hendrix says roughly 62% of the signatures submitted were not accepted. You can learn more by clicking here

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Friday, August 19, 2022