Fargo Police Lieutenant responds to citizen safety concerns using designated rideshare pickup locations downtown

(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo Police Department is responding to complaints from a citizen who says she had a bad experience with the new designated rideshare pickup locations now being used downtown during late night hours. 

"Well the feedback that we've gotten from some is that they like it, that it is working and then the feedback that we got from others is similar to what your interview showed was that people don't like it," said Lieutenant Bill Ahlfeldt.

Ahlfeldt says the department is always seeking feedback and is taking steps to improve the program, which he says is aimed at reducing traffic congestion Thursday through Saturday nights. Fargo resident Katy Moore told WDAY News First she didn't feel safe during one recent night walking for blocks to reach the designated pick up location. She also says the site was not properly marked and lacked adequate lighting.  

"I'm wondering if she was at an actual pickup location to be quiet honest, because the locations that I picked were picked because there is street lighting, they're marked with multiple signs, and so my inclination is to say that possibly was not led to a pickup area," said Ahlfeldt. 

Moore also contends that she and many other downtown patrons and even rideshare drivers are unaware of the program.

LINK: Fargo mom complains about downtown designated rideshare program; says app led her to dark alley



Original Air Date: 
Thursday, October 27, 2022