Crews at Suite Shots working to re-hang and repair driving range netting following ice storm

Image by Suite Shots
Image by Suite Shots

(Fargo, ND) -- Crews are working on putting the nets back up along the driving range at Suite Shots in south Fargo after they came down during Thursday's ice storm. 

"The thing they engineer for is with an ice storm and the weight of freezing rain and ice on that netting, what can't happen is the weight becomes so great that the poles snap," said Mark Johnson, Suite Shots General Manager.  

Johnson says close to 40 percent of the nets came down Thursday after they became coated with ice. He says most of the netting worked exactly as it was designed to, with clips releasing after the nets became weighed down with ice. Some netting ripped. Johnson says crews will be re-hanging and repairing nets to have the place partially re-opened by Wednesday. They're hoping that everything is put back together by Friday. 


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Monday, November 14, 2022