New parking ordinance going into effect in West Fargo

Photo by: City of West Fargo
Photo by: City of West Fargo

(West Fargo, ND) -- If you live in West Fargo, a change is coming to a parking ordinance sure to make you turn your head.

During their Monday meeting, West Fargo City Commissioners approved a new parking ordinance that adds late payment penalties and wheel immobilization devices for unpaid parking tickets. In addition to the ordinance, the West Fargo Police Department will now use an electronic citation program called 'Passport' to improve efficiency and customer accessibility.

Under the former ordinance, the only penalty for unpaid parking tickets was vehicle impoundment after a vehicle collected three or more tickets delinquent for more than 5 days. Now, after the West Fargo Police Department issues an electronic citation, violators will have ten days to pay a $20 fine. Citations that are delinquent 10 days will have a $5 late payment penalty. If the ticket is delinquent longer than 30 days, the penalty increases to $45.

Vehicles with two or more associated parking citations that are more than 30 days delinquent are subject to a wheel immobilization device. Vehicle owners will need to pay all parking citation fines, late payment penalties and a $50 WID release fee before the WID comes off. Vehicle impoundment is also an option for two or more delinquent parking tickets.

The new electronic citation program will allow vehicle owners to pay tickets online instead of by mail or in-person. The program will also allow individuals to submit an online appeal form within 10 days of receiving the parking citation. If the appeal is unsuccessful, they can also request a hearing in West Fargo Municipal Court.

To view the City Ordinance, labeled ordinance No. 1214, click here.