Governor Burgum touts North Dakota's agriculture industry while calling for more animal production

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum celebrated the accomplishments of the state's agriculture industry during his State of the State address Tuesday before lawmakers in Bismarck.

"Our bedrock industry agriculture continues to lead the nation in many categories. We rank first in the production of spring wheat, durum wheat, canola, flaxseed, all dry edible beans, pinto beans, dry edible peas, and my favorite honey. We rank second in rye, sunflower, lentils, third in sugar beets. oats and barley, and top dozen in states for corn, soybeans, potatoes, and chickpeas," said Burgum.  

 While starting off the legislative session, Burgum also asked lawmakers to focus on policy that would help boost the state's animal agriculture industry, saying the state is too far behind neighboring states when it comes to output in that category. 

LINK: Governor Doug Burgum's State of the State address