National effort to pressure lawmakers towards ceasefire in Israel makes waves at Fargo City Commission meetings

Pictured: Kyle Feldhake speaking to the Fargo City Commission in support of a ceasefire resolution | Courtesy: City of Fargo
Pictured: Kyle Feldhake speaking to the Fargo City Commission in support of a ceasefire resolution | Courtesy: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- A nationwide group is calling on federal leaders to press for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas 

CODEPINK is a national group focusing on feminism, civil rights, and anti-war sentiment. The group started a Fargo based chapter approximately two months ago, and has been building influence at Fargo City Commission meetings ever since. This includes attending city commission meetings in late January and early February, and leading to the passage of a ceasefire resolution by the Fargo Human Rights Commission on February 15th. 

The local chapter of CODEPINK's next goal is to have the Fargo City Commission vote in favor of passing a ceremonial ceasefire resolution, which would condemn the "military and settler occupation" of Palestinians, The West Bank, and the Gaza Strip, human rights violations, violence against civilians on both sides, and several more allegations. If Fargo approves the resolution, they would join 70+ cities across the U.S. who have passed similar resolutions urging for the Federal Government and the Biden Administration to press for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. 

Mayor and Commission member Tim Mahoney has previously stated "I would love to see peace as well, [but] I don't think the city of Fargo is going to intervene in that outcome. That [decision] is going to be made by our national leaders."

"They are community leaders, I think its important as the most powerful community voices to make a statement on behalf of Fargo denouncing this war." said Kyle Feldhake, a local organizer with CODEPINK and the Editor and Chief at NDSU's "The Spectrum", a student run newspaper at the university. "The resolution itself is calling for a statement that Fargo is against our government's continued facilitation and unconditional support of Israel."

Feldhake has written several stories, including opinion pieces, on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. One includes Oppose all Terrorist Groups, Especially Israel, which calls Hamas evil and a terrorist organization, but also heavily criticizes Israel.

"Israel is the military occupier. They are the nation overwhelmingly comprised of stolen land and homes. To make things simple, look at the West Bank and Palestinians in Israel. What more do they have to give to be allowed basic decency and equality? They have laid down their arms. What have they got in return? Only further violence and Apartheid. Yes, there is extreme hate on both sides. But this is an asymmetric conflict. Israel, as the overwhelmingly dominant power, has far more responsibility to begin the process toward peace, justice and reconciliation." wrote Feldhake in November of 2023.

As of this publication, the local CODEPINK chapter has committed to continuing to attend city commission meetings until a ceasefire resolution has passed. 


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Tuesday, February 20, 2024