Minnesota State Senate Candidate Rob Kupec: "We need some kind of dedicated revenue stream" for early childhood and daycare services

Courtesy: Rob Kupec
Courtesy: Rob Kupec

(Moorhead, MN) -- A Minnesota State Senate Candidate is sharing what he is looking to bring to St. Paul if elected this November.

Rob Kupec is a former meteorologist and Minnesota State Senate Candidate looking to represent District 4. He joined WDAY Radio to speak about his campaign goals, which include increased funding of k-12 education, a statewide improvement of childcare, and working to create a police training academy closer to Moorhead. 

"I like to think I am a fairly level headed guy, and I like the idea that level headed people need to step up and run and not leave everything over to the crazies," said Kupec, "Nobody was really stepping up where you would expect, like one of those mayors or something from a lower position...some people from the [DPL] party asked me."

One of the policies Kupec detailed is working out a way to set up a dedicated source of funding to improve childcare facilities across the state. The candidate says his focus on childcare is expressed largely due to workforce shortages affecting the state.

"If we set up some kind of dedicated funding stream - if we really think that early childhood education and daycare is a thing for the economy and for the good of our kids, we need to set up some kind of dedicated revenue stream for that, "said Kupec.

Kupec is running to represent District 4 in the Minnesota State Senate in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in Minnesota by clicking here

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2022