North Dakota House Member makes case for edible marijuana edibles bill

(Bismarck, ND) -- A North Dakota Legislator is sponsoring a bill which would add edible marijuana to an existing program for state residents.

North Dakota District 18 House Representative Steve Vetter joined The Flag's "What's On Your Mind" program about house bill 1202, which looks to introduce the option of medical marijuana edibles to North Dakota residents who are able to receive them. Vetter says he wants medical marijuana patients to have options besides smokable marijuana.

"With edibles, there is less exposure to THC so there is less of a euphoric high, but it's also longer period of time," said Representative Vetter, "It works much better for a lot of debilitating conditions like back pain, or something to that effect, where it lasts longer."

The representative says only residents with medical marijuana cards would be able to receive the edibles. Other changes included in the bill are establishing a maximum amount an individual could purchase, hiring additional staff, and entering programing changes to accommodate for the additional option. You can read the overview of the bill, along with the full text, by clicking here.


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, January 19, 2023