ICYMI: Shannon Roers-Jones talks Fargo Mayoral race, campaign focuses

Photo by: Shannon Roers-Jones - Facebook
Photo by: Shannon Roers-Jones - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Mayoral Candidate Shannon Roers-Jones is building momentum in her bid to take over as the leader of the city.

"It's been an exciting experience so far," said Roers-Jones on WDAY Midday. She also has a few major things in mind since announcing her run for the mayor's seat a few months ago.

The current North Dakota House Representative says focusing in on special and housing assessments, employer shortages and child care will be key in her campaign moving in the Spring.

As for her seat in the House, that may be a discussion for a later date.

"That will be a conversation to have if we win this election," said Roers-Jones if she would consider keeping her seat in the state house while handling duties as Mayor. "It has definetly happened before a few times in our area, but it's a bit too soon to consider that in this situation. My number one focus right now is winning this election."

Roers-Jones faces a slew of challengers in the race for mayor, including incumbent Tim Mahoney, Fargo City Commissioner Arlette Preston, Community organizer Hakun Dabar and Fargo resident Dustin Elliot.

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Friday, March 25, 2022