North Dakota District 41 Candidate Megan Edwardson : "Bismarck needs more young women in politics"

Courtesy: Megan Edwardson
Courtesy: Megan Edwardson

(Fargo, ND) -- A candidate is sharing why she is running to represent North Dakota's District 41.

Megan Edwardson is one of four candidates running to become a Representative for North Dakota District 41. Edwardson says she is looking to solve her constituents "kitchen table issues", like childcare, K-12 education, and bolstering working families. 

"I have a strong background in constituent services, veterans affairs, military, immigration, social security, I am hoping to bring that political experience to Bismarck, "said Edwardson, " Also some bipartisanship, really working in the middle to find common sense solutions for North Dakotans as I door knock and hear those kitchen table issues that they are talking about."

Edwardson says many members of District 41 are sharing concerns regarding abortion access within North Dakota, a topic which she says should be left "between a woman and her doctor." She also referred to the 2014 personhood ballot measure, which was voted down by a 30-point margin. Edwardson says this could mean there is a silent majority of residents who share pro-choice views. 

"When there is legal abortion, abortions actually are reduced, "said Edwardson, "Making sure we have contraceptives, comprehensive sex education, legal abortion in our state,  its important and people want to talk about it."

Megan Edwardson is running to become a Representative in North Dakota's District 41 in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in North Dakota by clicking here

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Thursday, October 6, 2022