Walz proposes rebate checks from record Minnesota budget surplus

Photo by: Governor Tim Walz - Facebook
Photo by: Governor Tim Walz - Facebook

(St. Paul, MN) -- Governor Tim Walz is proposing that some of the state's 17-point-six billion dollar surplus be used for rebate checks.

Walz said Tuesday that he plans to again ask the legislature to send Minnesotans "Walz checks" of one-thousand-dollars per adult.

"Our state’s historic surplus is proof that Minnesota’s economy is strong and growing," said Walz in a statement posted on his social media. "One thing is clear: this is a result of the students, small businesses, and working families whose hard work make our economy one of the most resilient and diverse in the country. With this historic surplus, the case for sending money directly back to Minnesotans has never been stronger."

The governor promised during his re-election campaign to refund a portion of the surplus to taxpayers. He also preached investment in workforce, schools and kids, along with lowering costs for middle-class families, small businesses and seniors in his statement.

The Minnesota Management and Budget Office says the projected surplus heading into the 2023 legislative session is due to "strong collections and lower-than-projected spending." 

The projections come ahead of the Minnesota legislative session, where Democrats take full control for the first time in a decade. State Democrats have noted they're ideas for the funds sync up to an extent with the Goveror, being that they will look to increase funding for education, childcare, infrastructure, and more.