Moorhead School Board Candidate Kent Wolford looking to represent teachers, share passion for education, and find ways to create life-long educators

Courtesy: Kent Wolford's Twitter Page
Courtesy: Kent Wolford's Twitter Page

(Moorhead, MN) -- A teaching veteran is throwing his hat into the ring and looking to earn your vote to become a Moorhead School Board member. 

Kent Wolford was a teacher within the Moorhead Public Schools for nearly 39 years as a social studies and government teacher. He spoke on multiple topics like Critical Race Theory, teacher retention, and contract negotiations for educators. One big topic Wolford tackled is tackling teacher shortages and cultivating school that creates future educators.

"We need to promote the fact of what you are going to make long term, "said Wolford, "The retirement and aspects of teaching are big, are good. I don't think kids look at that...Those things need to be promoted, the healthcare aspect needs to be promoted. We want you here, we want to train you and we want to keep you here but we need to show them why they should stay here."

Wolford says he wants to be the bridge between educators and the board, citing his experience within the district. He says the district cannot keep piling additional work onto teachers and expect great results.

"I've been an educator for almost 40 years... They know that I was passionate about what I did in the classroom "said Wolford, "I love the field of education, I love talking about it, I love working with it, I love asking questions of people, to make sure we have the best possible solutions."

Wolford is running to become a member of Moorhead's School Board, a position you can vote for this November election. You can learn more about your options on the upcoming ballot by clicking here


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Monday, September 19, 2022