November 2022 Election Guide

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

Below is a full list of the candidates YOU can vote for in the upcoming November election. The below candidates will appear on the ballot for all those who are in Cass and Clay counties, as well as the adjacent surrounding counties too. Some are state-wide candidates.


- Each name below is highlighted blue, which contains a clickable link to the respective candidates websites and/or social media.

- Click those links to learn more about each candidate and their platform ahead of the election on Tuesday, November 8th

- Everything from the candidates platforms to ways to contact them are located at the clickable links

For more information on how to vote locally, click here.



Senate -

House -

Attorney General -

Secretary of State -

Ag Commissioner -

Public Service Commissioner -

District Court #4 East Central Judge -

Cass County Sheriff -

Term Limits - Involves limits for North Dakota's Governor and State Legislators. For more information on this ballot issue, click here.

Recreational Marijuana - Involves legalization of recreational marijuana in North Dakota. For more information on this ballot issue, click here.

State Senate Races -

District 44 -- Merrill Piepkorn vs Bjorn Altenburg

District 21 -- Kathy Hogan vs William Kloubec

District 27 -- Sonja Kaye vs Kristin Roers

District 10 -- Ryan Braunberger vs Curtis Olafson 

State House Races -

District 10 (two seats available) -- Hamida Dakane vs Damian Ridl vs Steve Swiontek

District 11 (two seats available) -- Liz Conmy vs Gretchen Dobervich vs Carter Eisinger vs Brad Leeser

District 27 (two seats available) -- Ruth Buffalo (incumbent) vs Thomas Casler vs Greg Stemen (incumbent) vs Josh Christy

District 41 (two seats available) -- Megan Edwardson vs Lillian Jones vs Michelle Strinden (incumbent) vs Jorin Johnson

District 44 (two seats available) -- Joshua A. Boschee (incumbent) vs Karla Rose Hanson (incumbent) vs Gwendorlene Altenburg

County Commissioner District 2 -

Cass County State's Attorney -


Governor -

Minnesota Attorney General -

Secretary of State -

Auditor -

District 4 State Senate -

District 4a State House -

District 4b State House -

Clay County Commissioner District 1 -

Moorhead Mayor -

Moorhead City Council Races (3 spots available) -

Ward 1 -- Ryan Nelson vs Siham Amedy

Ward 2 -- Eileen Johnson vs Heather Nesemeier (incumbent)

Ward 3 -- Deborah White (incumbent) vs Dr. Rick Melbye

Moorhead School board -